Kpata Kpata by @DjObiAjEnt ft @CDQolowo

Dj Obi

The multi-talented DJ Obi dropped an incredibly awesome track just in time for the weekend. This time, the well-known DJ has linked up with homegrown rapper, CDQ for the pulsating and vivacious new track “Kpata Kpata”.

The song is made for the dancefloor, with its exciting and lively tempo, to its production and scant but catchy lyrics. CDQ can be heard chanting “Kpata Kpata” throughout the vibey, mostly instrumental 4min track. Kpata Kpata originates from the Yoruba dialect meaning ‘completely’.

It’s no surprise that the relentless DJ has decided to end the year strong by not only activating the vibe and generating excitement to dance floors but now wearing another hat by teaming up for this Jay Pizzle production.

It’s the last quarter of the year so you know this song will have you precipitately eager for end-of-the-year celebrations. iTunes