Brand New Day by @SidiqMusic


With steady momentum flowing in the right direction, Sidiq adds more current to his wave, with a new soulful acoustic offering – Brand New Day. His third release this year from his 8een Era movement [songs inspired by real life stories of the year 2018.]

From the full production of Lose, his last single, to as tripped down soul number, like Brand New Day, switching things up musically seems to be a consistent trend with Sidiq.

Keeping his vocal style and proving to be a versatile vocalist and writer. The song showcases a much more raw vocal from Sidiq, smoothly exhorting vulnerable lyrics over it’s live instrumentation. By using live instruments like electrical and acoustic guitars, cojorn, bass and piano, Brand New Day captures a more authentic vibe sonically.

The track explores the topic of living in the moment and leaving the horrible pasts behind. ‘I’ve cried my tears – i won’t! Not this morning!’ – We all have been through tough times that we would love to put in the past and move on. Message driven music, something we can all relate to is another consistent trend in Sidiq’s music.

Things are looking up for Sidiq. The talented artist is hard at work, sharing behind the scenes clips from his vlog series Sidiq Diaries on his IGTV and Youtube channel. Wether it be on the road touring, creating music in the studio, sharing festival/club stages with UK 90’s Dance/House act Phats and Small, Sidiq is definitely crafting his way to bigger things. The singer has assured us of more song droppings across the remaining months of 2019 with a 2020 project on the way. But for now be sure to stream and download his newest release… Brand New Day #BND

Brand New Day will be available on all streaming platforms and in all digital music stores on the 19th August 2019