Rogue Rouge Circus by @TarantolaOffici


We are Tarantola, a London based Folk Rock Gypsy band. Who said that gypsy music is for a specific audience only? We believe that “GYPSY IS THE NEW POP”, and we are thrilled to see our shows around the UK and Italy, packed with people of all ages, cultures, and musical backgrounds!

The name Tarantola is inspired by the legend of Pizzica Tarantata (bite of the tarantula), a music genre from the heel of Italy. Blending different musical genres and cultures in our music and using a circus performance element in our live shows, we aim to travel around the world to spread a message of joy, love and hope, but most importantly serve our key purpose “to make people happy”.

We have recorded 4 singles around the concept of a circus, which is used as a metaphor for the routine of life, the barriers we put to ourselves, and the wrong belief we can’t really change anything in our lives.

Our debut single “Rogue Rouge Circus” is the introduction of this concept cycle of releases and will be released on 18th of January 2019. Our music will be distributed via The Sound Of Everything Records

Rogue Rouge Circus” reveals who is the true protagonist of the story the band will be unfolding through the 4 singles: “You”. You are the one who should freely choose your path in your life, always remembering you’re just one step away from changing your life for the better!

All singles have been recorded and produced by Paul Stanborough (Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, Kelis). Throughout this journey, we’ve had the support of our mentors Julian Marshall and Yannis Iliopoulos.

We would love if you could listen to the song and let us know if you can review or feature it!  In exchange, we would love to show our support too and promote your blog via our media.