Ruru Akara (Loose Control) by Myers ft BOJ


The summer anthem for all outings, whether it be the club, a BBQ or a car journey. When ‘Myers’ amazingly skilled & fast emerging UK rappers Joins forces with ‘BOJ’ the uncrowned wave King of the ‘Afro Sound’ what else would you expect? They flow together on a track constructed by genius producer ‘Bayoz Muzik’. In effect you have a banger with ‘Three charismatic Nigerian talents’, which will undoubtedly raise their profiles.

‘Ruru Akara’ which means ‘Lose Control’ in the Igbo language, is a VIBE! BOJ opens up with his playful yet wavey intro, followed by the chorus, which will be on the tongues of all the females trying their hardest not to ‘Lose Control’ this Summer. Myers attacks the track how we expect him to, ‘Clean & Hard’ his delivery is unmatched and his flow is unpredictable but ever so catchy. The track underneath both these maestros by Bayoz Muzik is enough to make one ‘Lose Control’ dancing their responsibilities away!

‘Ruru Akara’ is taken off Myers Debut EP ‘Motorway Music’, which is causing major waves in the UK after being released yesterday. Tracks including this one have been added to major playlists on Apple and Spotify. Our sources tell us there could be a video for ‘Ruru Akara’ soon, we look forward to it if this is the case.