We Pray by @youthekingskid

It all started back in October when Nucci Reyo “The King’s Kid” announced that he was releasing a mixtape entitled Health Is Wealth with D.J. I Rock Jesus which would serve as a work out playlist for newly health conscious individuals such as himself.

The King’s Kid took to Facebook live in order to allow his fans and followers choose which 90’s classic Hip Hop tracks he would rap to for the mixtape. Some of the fans begin to suggest 90’s house music beats being that The King’s Kid is from New Jersey, one of the pioneer states for house music.

They released part 1 to all 90’s Hip Hop beats and came right back with Health Is Wealth Part 2 where The King’s Kid is rapping to all classic house music beats. D.J. I Rock Jesus is spinning and The King’s Kid is rapping. The mixtape is also accompanied by the official Health Is Wealth Book where you can read The King’s Kid’s testimony about how he reversed a type 2 diabetes diagnosis by switching to a vegan diet. Please check out the mixtape and book with the links below and be sure to share.

We Pray