LOVE, LOYALTY and RESPECT (775) by @PayPerCorleone & @Wnigma_Tush

Payper Corleone

New collaboration EP from Payper Corleone & Enigma titled LOVE, LOYALTY and RESPECT (775).
Payper and Enigma took this factors broke ’em down into fire bars in their new 10 tracked EP titled 775 and shot it straight to our hearts and minds.
If you have been following Payper you would notice he his one word smith that construct stories in way that when you listen it could almost feel like a movie you watching in 3D. They brought their life experiences channeled it and related those three factors and into every track.
The intro couldn’t have been better with that rich old school hip pop sound which when played the bass guitar give you goosebumps and don’t let me start with the trumpets, takes you back to the roots of HipHop.
My favourite track off the EP is titled smooth operator, I could go on and on because this project is dripping with rhythm and poetry. If you an hip pop head support the culture and go get the 775 EP it’s out on iTunes.