Jungle by Pope Troy

Bobby Thabelo Moahi (Born 1992/06/13) Better Known Globally by his stage name Pope Troy, A Independent South African Hip-Hop/Rap Recording artist and music Producer Born In Lesotho and raised In Johannesburg. Pope Troy not only possesses skills in
Writing music and producing music but also in the engineering of his own sound meaning he records, mixes and masters his own
music, not only that but he is also skilled in graphics design creating his own music covers and logo’s. Pope began practicing
music production at the age of 8 and has been producing for artists locally and internationally since 2010. Pope Troy’s Devotion
and determination leads to his rise as a young enthusiastic upcoming South African artist, In 2014 Pope Troy Announced the
release of his first studio album titled TCOE (The Chronicles Of Ezra) which was released June 17, 2015 and has managed to gain airplay both in the UK and the USA.
Pope Troy‘s musical style is a blend of Tribal, Jazz, Trap and Hip-Hop, in both acoustic and digital forms.
Pope Troy’s Poetic lyric ability sets him apart from his fellow musical competitors, with outstanding creativity with his
Use of spontaneous word play. Combining the traditional New York style of the hip-hop sound with the Los Angeles mixing style,
to create a more authentic distinct Pope Troy sound, replacing American hip-hop slang words with original South African slang
with use of kasi elements such as tsotsi taal and combining that with English for the ever growing western civilized generation, Adding a essence of Christianity to his sound based on the religious standards of South Africa.