2NITE – @ReeseChubbs ft PnB Rock


The making of a great artist is their ability to tell a good story. Every artist has a story to tell. Reese Chubbs is ready to tell his story through all of its bumps and bruises and twists and turns and he tells it well. One listen to him and you will know why he has everyone’s ear.

Born and raised in the rough streets of Up Town Philadelphia, PA. Reese Chubbs, born Tyreese Dukes, grew up with both of his parents in his home and was exposed to music early on. His mother, a lover of soul music, kept the house filled with classic artist like Marvin Gaye, Barry White and Luther Vandross. Chubbs began to write and make beats on the table as a way to express himself. Soon he was taking to his mother small karaoke machine to record himself. His grandmother took notice of his love for music and got him a larger karaoke machine that he and his brother used to create his own songs in their closet.
“I really just fell in love with the music,” he says. “I used music to express what I was going through and how I felt. I also used to describe what was going on around me in the hood. It became my release.” Now He’s here with R&B artist “Rakim PnB Rock” Allen for his new release single  “2NITE”   the two Philly Up Town artist have a hit on there hands with this one..